About Us


IBHAR ENTERPRISES Group W.L.L is an effective player in the real-estate sector in the State of Qatar, with a cadre of qualified and experienced professionals who are specialized in the real estate business. The Group started its business in real estate investment and marketing of projects within the State of Qatar, and will extend more to cover projects in Egypt and Gulf countries in order to provide our optimal services in this sector. Moreover, the company has expanded in various arenas, as it established Ibhar Academy for human skills development for the purpose of developing human skills and preparing scientific and professional managers and engineers, and all workers in all areas.

The company has also established The Exhibitions and Conferences Department to change the idea of consumptive exhibitions into the idea of contracts, transactions, and franchises that achieve investment for invading the international markets.

We were also honored by having entered into a contract agreement and a strategic partnership with Nasser Al-Jarallah Group, KSA, through their representative in the State of Qatar - the Advanced Construction Centre - representative of the Group in the State of Qatar. Al-Jarallah Group is considered one of the biggest companies specialized in establishment of factories of iron and steel in the region, one of the most important is "Jubail Plant, Saudi Arabia", which has established several projects in the State of Qatar, topped by construction of the Algerian Embassy building in Doha, and also the QNB building, as well as many other projects. Signed for and on behalf of Nasser Al-Jarallah Group, Eng. Dr. Hazem Mazen, the general manager of the Advanced Construction Consulting Centre, while signed for and on behalf of Ibhar Group Mr. Maysser Saddiq, the Group’s Partner & CEO.

The company works on providing the best investment and the highest return to our customers through elite of advisors in real estate marketing, applying an advanced scientific approach to ensure credibility and safety of transactions. This would allow us to implement our commitments and perform services we are obliged to supply. We are sure that real estate investment is one of the strongest global investments which gauges and reflects the extent of progress and development of nations. The role of IBHAR ENTERPRISES acts as a contributing factor in such investment, providing the largest real estate projects in Arab countries, and providing it with solid transparency and credibility to our customers.

The company has always sought to achieve the highest returns to real estate owners and to provide fixed long-term rental value. Thus, the investor will be secured against any fluctuations in the real estate market, maintenance of property, and good utilization of a property. We also maintain in our projects the most satisfactory level of service provided to the tenant through provision of 24 /7 maintenance per week for projects and stability of monthly rental which secure comfort and safety to our customers.

Through Ibhar Academy for Human Skills Development, we provide the best engineering, administrative, legal, and accounting courses which are carefully selected to promote.


Partner and CEO

Dr. Moyasser Saddiq

Partner and CEO

Over the past year, we succeeded in building a golden reputation and image as a Service Provider in Qatar; this success is a direct consequence of the dedication of our people to our core values: integrity, understanding, excellence and respect for the dignity and worth of all associates.

Being successful in business demands total focus; we know our customers meet change on a daily basis and must deliver on their goals, often under extreme time pressure, without being distracted by day-to-day managerial problems.

All of us working for Ibhar Enterprises strive to contribute to easing the decision making process by listening to our customers needs, and thereby delivering solutions and services with unbeatable quality. All our employees make every effort to work in close partnership with customers to continuously demonstrate Ibhar Enterprises is a trustworthy partner, today and long into tomorrow.

Our guiding values embrace our desire to continuously improve, as well as our commitment,listening to customer needs, and being able to deliver. Our strategy is about providing ever better solutions and investing in new arenas, involving our employees and encouraging cross-functional collaboration. It is also very much about sharing our know-how with customers – and joining with them to explore new markets.

Our cross-functional teams work seamlessly across the organization when it comes to business development, marketing & sales, project management and customer services. This constant striving towards improvement opens new opportunities and solutions to issue that are more rapidly identified and disseminated throughout Ibhar Enterprises.

Your Dreams Are Our Thoughts!

Finally I would like to thank everyone who gave those minutes from his precious time to read my word.




Dr. Moyasser Saddiq

The partner and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IBHAR ENTERPRISES, and the real estate expert and appraiser accredited before judicial courts and banks, and the arbitrator approved by Qatar International Arbitration Centre. He was awarded many arbitral and judicial certificates from centers and bodies which are locally and internationally recognized, namely:

  • A certificate of registration (for experts approved by the judicial courts presidency) dated 03/03/2002.
  • A programme completion certificate (the principles of real estate assessment and appraisal), from the Real Estate Assessment and Construction Technology Center affiliated to Cairo University in Doha-Qatar.
  • A member of the Arbitration Commission of Qatar International Conciliation and Arbitration Center, under order No. (5/8-b) of the year 2006, article (3) thereof.
  • A Certificate of (Bachelor of Commerce, Business Administration, BSc) from the University of Ain Shams,1996.
  • A certificate from (E M C Middle East) in a course of marketing economic arts and all sectors of tourism.
  • A certificate o f accredited Certified International Real Estate Consultant & Appraiser (TRC) from the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).
  • A founder member in the Arab Real Estate Organization, the Arab Union of Real Estate Development AURD.
  • A certificate of Appreciation from the Arab Union Real Estate Development AURD.
  • A certificate of the fourth session for preparation of Arab arbitrators from(Arab Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration).
  • A training certificate from the Centre of Contract Management and Engineering Arbitration.
  • Arbitration training certificate (preparation of International arbitrators) from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar.
  • A certificate of the preparation of international arbitrators from The International Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Qatar, and from the Arab Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber, and the Economic Group Centre for Administrative Training and Human Skills,
  • A certificate from the Doha Bank, the Qatar Islamic Bank, and the National Bank of Qatar, duly certified as an appraiser expert at the Bank, dated: 20/03/2003 to date.