Real Estate Marketing

The company provides services of marketing all real estate projects owned and supervised by the company, as well as marketing properties belonging to owners who desire to market their properties by the company, which manage marketing of owners' projects and providing them with proper reviewing of the real estate market in the State of Qatar. The company performs also real estate marketing according to the latest online-based marketing tools via the Internet and audio-visual media, local newspapers, journals and magazines specialized in real estate marketing. Moreover, we use poster-based advertising which is published all over the streets, in cooperation with competent companies, and through all further marketing means which real estate owners avail of, selecting the best tenants according to special standards applied for assessment of tenants before entering into the lease agreement with the owner.

Marketing in our company is divided as follows :

Contractual marketing

Entering into exclusive marketing agreements with real estate owners for marketing all kinds of real estates, whether commercial, residential, or administrative premises, using our entire previous expertise and ways with the purpose of achieving the best marketing achievements, applying the most recent approaches, namely :
  • Studying the real estate market.
  • Establishing the marketing plan distributed on specified milestones.
  • Providing marketing consultancy for owners about market changes, increased, stable, or decreased.

Contracted investment

We contract with owners for direct investment lease for a long period of up to 5 and 10 years to release the property to third parties, thus achieving a balance between landlord, tenant and the real estate market.


Management of Real Estate & Projects

The company manages its own properties and provides management service to private property for those owners who authorize the company to put their properties under its administration. Administration is conducted by the company through an integrated management strategy and qualified cadre enhanced with solid expertise in how to pursue real estate affairs and tenants' affairs, as well as money collection and maintenance, re-leasing, and other aspects of owners' premises and their tenants.

Evaluation of Projects, Properties and Lands

Appraisal administration and real estate assessment is considered as one of the effective activities in IBHAR ENTERPRISES, whereas Mr. partner/ Maiser Sideeq and the CEO of the company is a real estate expert and accredited appraiser before the courts of Justice and Qatari banks, and he works as an arbitrator approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar, he also holds a course on scientific principles of real estate appraisal from Cairo University – the Real Estate Appraisal Center – and holder of a course on the preparation of International arbitrators for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar. In addition, he holds a course on the international contracts FEDIC governing construction and reconstruction. He is thus considered the most prominent appraiser in the State of Qatar due to his vast experience in the field of real estate, which extends for more than 30 years, during which he provided 2500 reports to a number of governmental authorities, banks, companies, individuals, and Messrs. Sheikhs.

IBHAR Academy for Human Skills Development

IBHAR Academy for Human Skills Development provides the best engineering, administrative, legal and accounting courses which are carefully selected for rendering the most optimal performance and skill to the Arab employee which reflected the best productivity, human skills, and preparation of scientific and professional managers and engineers and all workers in all fields.

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Exhibitions and conferences

The company provides management services to exhibitions and conferences to cope with the urban and constructional development in the State of Qatar, by organizing exhibitions which contribute to establishing new foreign markets which help in the economic development and revival of Qatar.

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Maintenance of buildings

The company serves maintenance of real estate through a fixed timetable and under the auspices and implementation of technical cadres assigned for such purposes.

Commercial representation and agents of international companies

• Commercial agents for representation of the international companies in the State of Qatar, and opening the various arenas to be stationed in the Qatari market according to the specifications of such companies.
• Conclusion of strategic contracts in the name of the Gulf and international companies, execution of joint tenders and self-financing projects.

Real Estate Development

• This activity is based on studying the project and execute complete development from the start of design till self-skills implementation.
• Investment development is to finance the project to complete its construction on the owner's land, and then lease same for long periods for investment.

Project Management

• Feasibility studies and consultation services agreements for projects development.
• Follow-up and supervision services of the implementation of real estate projects, whether by selecting business, design, implementation and delivery.

Property management

Ibhar Enterprises is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring, unique and renowned Services provided by our highly qualified and finely selected outsourced & in house passionate, talented people around the world who help bring this purpose to life for our customers. We promise you to simply be the leader in all of our specialties. Across our company and embedded in our culture are key values that guide our success and continued growth: integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance. Every day, we honor these values and represent our belief in doing business in a socially responsible way.

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Hudson Middle East

Hudson Property Middle East was established as a response to the rapidly growing international demand for property management services by owners of properties. Through efficient techniques and reliable customer service, Hudson Property Management Middle East has speedily settled a solid reputation, mostly through referrals, because customer satisfaction is its first priority. Hudson Property Management Middle East is a comprehensive Real Estate Broker and can handle all your Sales and Rental needs.

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